The project

The redevelopment project is developed along three main lines:


the redevelopment of Piazzale Europa, turning it into the physical centre of Parco Innovazione: a multi-function public area able to connect the areas with the old town and create a quality urban environment for the whole district and for the city;


the reopening of the historic stretch of Viale Ramazzini, to make the area more accessible compared to the main road system and link it with the bypass;


architectural and functional development of sheds 17 and 18, to be used as company offices, research laboratories and for innovative businesses.



Project timeline

2015 – 2018

Size data

area for intervention 102.820 mq;

gross surface area of sheds approx. 15,000 sq.m.

Cost of the work

The operation contemplates work with a total cost of approx. € 33,270,000, funded through a public-private partnership and benefitting from the following sources of public funding:

Funding from the Ministry of Infrastructures and Transport connected with the “National Plan for the Cities” amounting to € 10,950,000.00;

Funding from the Emilia-Romagna Region PAR FSC 2007-2013 – Line of action V.A.1 “Integrated actions for the provision of quality advanced services, for improving the quality of life and the connection with tangible and intangible networks” – C.U.P.  J83D12000540002 – amounting to € 2,000,000.00.