Property opportunity

Within the original structure of the building, the project contemplates independent buildings that can be implemented and adapted to meet the needs of the users.


This is an innovative construction solution, already adopted for the recovery of Shed 19, where the Tecnopolo technological hub is located, which combines conservative restoration techniques for industrial buildings with new constructions, built to house laboratories and offices.

The flexible, immediate new construction process makes it possible to identify the best construction solution based on the indoor requirements of the individual facilities (laboratory, office, conference hall, exhibition room), as well as allowing for:
> a reduction in construction times
> a careful consideration of the performances of the new building
> immediate control of the cost/benefit ratio
and facilitating the use of materials with high hygrothermal, thermal, acoustic and aesthetic efficiency.

The property opportunities regard different, flexible spaces, suitable for all kinds of companies, designed with the characteristics of new-generation buildings, in order to help boost the wellbeing of the people who work there and save on running and maintenance costs.



SHED 17 – plan and section


SHED 18 – plan and section



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