Connections and infrastructures



This intermodal hub is easy to reach, with 2 railway stations, a coach station, a surface light rail line, a surface interchange parking lot with space for 850 cars, a direct link with the primary traffic system, pedestrian underpasses and cycle lanes.

Road traffic system

The area is directly connected with the bypass thanks to the reopening of the original stretch of Viale Ramazzini.

Cycle and pedestrian traffic

A new route links the area with the original railway station, the old town and the San Lazzaro university campus. The project for Piazzale Europa leaves room to accommodate pedestrians and bicycles, and seeks to create a sense of environmental harmony able to trigger a positive perception on the part of the people who live and work there, or who pass through the area on foot or by bicycle.


The Reggiane area is located at the heart of the interconnection between the Central Rail Station and the High-Speed Rail Station.

The new high speed rail station Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana is the only stop on the Alta Velocità line between Milan and Bologna.

Starting out from the Reggio Emilia AV Mediopadana station allows passengers to half journey times to the main hubs on the Italian high speed line:




solar energy platform