Automotive – SILK-FAW opens its headquarters in the Innovation Park

10/06/21 – Silk-Faw, the company born from the Joint Venture between Silk Ev and the Faw Group, opens its headquarters at the Reggio Emilia Innovation Park, inside Shed 18. The offices will house the first nucleus of professionals, about 40 people. In addition to this space, an additional office will be prepared by Stu Reggiane spa within Shed 15, which will be completed in 2022, to accommodate the people who will be progressively hired for the time necessary to build the Gavassa office. Furthermore, planning activities are currently underway for the preparation of a stable research laboratory at the Innovation Park.

The official inauguration of the headquarters will be held during the month of June, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the architectural competition for the construction of the production site of Gavassa, in the presence of the president of Silk-Faw Jonathan Krane, the president of the Emilia-Region. Romagna Stefano Bonaccini and the mayor of Reggio Emilia Luca Vecchi.

“We are very happy to be able to host the Silk-Faw company in the Innovation Park. It is an opportunity for both of us to immediately collaborate with the local area on innovation and research projects in the automotive field “, says Luca Torri, CEO of Stu Reggiane spa. “Since the early days – continues Torri – we supported the activities necessary for the settlement, also giving value to the concept of & nbsp; aftercare & nbsp; that we promised during localization assessment “.

The growth path of the Innovation Park continues with the presence of Silk-Faw, which will allow us to open new spaces for research and collaboration in terms of sustainable mobility, also in anticipation of the creation of the fourth university campus on digital and the expansion of Its Maker’s training offer which will find its new headquarters here.

Cover image: Silk Faw – WDS Cars Project S9 – Daniel Nikodem Photography