The works have involved an area of 9,673 square meters and were funded with 8.5 million euros, of which 5.4 million came from the national Peripheries and Urban Areas Fund. Among other things, it hosts companies and research centers, technological and digital innovation entities such as the Its Maker Foundation, Credito Emiliano spa, training agencies, headquarters of professional orders, and services for Park visitors. After Shed 19 and 18, Piazzale Europa, and Viale Ramazzini, it now has a new important location. The next step for Pru is the redevelopment of Shed 15 A, B, and C. The upcoming weekend, organized as part of Reggiane Summer, will explore the great Innovation hub of Reggio Emilia, bridging the past and future.


Three days of presentations—tonight, an event dedicated especially to companies in the Innovation Park and stakeholders, followed by two days of DJ sets and guided tours open to all citizens to discover the grand hub—at Reggiane Innovation Park, as part of the ‘Reggiane Summer’ program. Thus, Reggio Emilia welcomes the redevelopment of Shed 17 in the Reggiane Area.


In the 20th century, a driving force in the industrialization of Reggio Emilia and among the most important centers of Italian mechanics, today, a large portion of the Reggiane Area (former Reggiane mechanical workshops) is a physical and symbolic home to new economics, innovation, and sustainability. It houses research and technology transfer centers in the main distinctive competencies of the territory, high-potential innovation companies, training services, university, and professional institutions.


Nestled in the historic industrial area, Shed 17, after the intervention covering an area of 9,673 square meters, will host, in the coming weeks, professional orders and related bodies: the Foundation of Chartered Accountants and Accounting Experts of Reggio Emilia, the Order of Architects, planners, landscapers, conservators, and the Order of Engineers of Reggio Emilia; Its Maker Foundation – Higher Institute of Mechanics, Mechatronics, Motor Mechanics and Packaging, which offers highly specialized training courses for young graduates based on the territory’s vocation and the training needs of partner companies (automation and mechatronics, digital industry and digital automation, industrial process management); the Innovation Unit of Credito Emiliano spa; Forsafe srl and Blackship srl companies; services aimed particularly at Innovation Park visitors, such as the Pirru Cafè catering service.


The intervention on Shed 17 involved an investment of 8,548,321 euros and benefits from funding from the Prime Minister’s Office through the Peripheries and Urban Areas Fund for an amount of 5,432,897 euros.

THEY SAID – “The Shed 17, which will host key players in research, economics, and professions, is a new and important piece of the Innovation Park in our city. We decided to revitalize the area of the historic Reggiane Workshops, dedicating it to scientific research, innovative businesses, and the exchange of knowledge among diverse local, national, and international entities converging in the Innovation Park,’ explains Mayor Luca Vecchi. ‘All within a quadrant of the city that brings together the best educational experience, that of Loris Malaguzzi and the Reggio Approach, the Rcf Arena, the largest open-air musical events space in Italy, and the Av Mediopadana station, connecting the city to the rest of the country. The goal is to grow a European experience that can drive job creation and the attractiveness of companies exchanging high-value-added technologies and productions. With the upcoming establishment of the fourth university campus in Reggio Emilia and the Business Incubator and start-ups in Shed 15 C, another step forward will be taken in the direction of education and the economy.”

During this morning’s media-exclusive visit to Warehouse 17 and the new internal square serving the Innovation Park, Deputy Mayor with responsibility for Urban Regeneration Alex Pratissoli said: ‘Warehouse 17 is a consistent intervention with the original vision of the Innovation Park, carried out as part of the complex regeneration of the Reggiane Area. This new place is characterized by a greater density of entities and companies dealing with training and services for businesses and individuals, united by the distinctive characteristic of innovation.

‘Around Warehouse 17,’ Pratissoli added, ‘up to 500 people will rotate every day, adding to those in Warehouse 18 and the Technopole in Warehouse 17. Here, next door, in Warehouse 15, whose works will be completed by the end of the year, the fourth University Campus of Reggio Emilia on Digital and Innovation will be hosted, with approximately 2,000 students. The building known as the Cathedral, next to Warehouse 17, will also host additional university spaces, the new headquarters of Crpa, and an expansion of Its Maker.

‘Therefore,’ concluded the Deputy Mayor, ‘Reggiane Innovation Park grows as a large open-air museum in line with the history and memory of this place and the city, and at the same time, as a place of experimentation for the sustainable and inclusive future of our city.’


On an investment of approximately 60 million euros for the entire Innovation Park, the public funds from the State, Region, and Municipality amount to around 35 million, with the remaining portion being private. ‘The public investment,’ emphasized the CEO of Stu Reggiane spa, Luca Torri, ‘has served as an activator: it attracted private investments, giving rise to a virtuous and significant public-private partnership, also economically. The fact that private entities believe in and invest in this initiative is one of the most evident signs of the success of the Innovation Park.’

Torri further explained that when the university headquarters and the new research centers are operational, ‘at least 2,500 people will revolve around the Innovation Park daily, and we can therefore estimate an attendance of one million people per year: a large village that we want to see as a community for research, knowledge exchange, and new economy open to the city and for the future of the city.’

DESCRIPTION OF THE INTERVENTION – The redevelopment project for Shed 17, drafted by architect Andrea Oliva, is part of a larger redevelopment sector outlined by the Urban Redevelopment Program (Pru) of the Reggiane Area. This area covers a territorial surface of 102,820 square meters (over a third of the entire former Reggiane mechanical workshops area), further divided into four sub-sectors: Piazzale Europa, the historical stretch of Viale Ramazzini, Warehouse 18, Warehouse 19, and a sports area with a large skate park. The works have been completed, returning to the city properties and public spaces of significant historical, architectural, functional, and urban quality.

Works and Results at Shed 17:

  • Warehouse 17 underwent reclamation, recovery, and building consolidation.
  • It was equipped with ‘internal buildings’ that allow, with particular versatility, the distribution, service, and fulfillment of the functional program, including the various intended uses and activities that take place from now on.
  • The ‘composite’ buildings inside are configured into two blocks attached to the existing facades, following their profile and maintaining the memory of the old Shed 17, even in the articulation of public space – a new square – in the central section of the historic structure.
  • The covered square of 900 square meters, created between the two main bodies of new construction, adds relational quality to the intervention, generating a common and protected outdoor space in continuity with what is planned for Warehouse 18, directly connected to a portion of Shed 17.
  • The pathways comply with regulatory requirements for the removal of architectural barriers and allow accessibility to all spaces and environments.
  • The historic buildings have been restored through the recovery and consolidation of the wall structures.
  • The roofs, becoming obsolete, have been modified with the insertion of a new and suitable structure without breaking the overall original layout. The large covering is, in fact, configured as a ‘translucent volume’ that negatively mimics the characteristic skyline of the industrial warehouse, allowing the passage of natural light and protection from the elements at the same time. The covering of the internal square extends over an area of approximately 43 by 30 meters and consists of a metal structure with multiple orders.
  • The redevelopment of the surrounding areas has involved the creation of integrated relational spaces and pathways connected to a system of green matrices capable of bringing together the various key points present (Central Railway Station, Malaguzzi International Center, Technopole/Shed 17, Airport, Historic Santa Croce District) and stimulating further synergies for future redevelopment interventions.


DEVELOPMENT OF THE PARCO INNOVAZIONE – Next to Shed 17, the neighboring Shed 15 B-C is currently undergoing redevelopment. Within the same Innovation Park, the fourth University Campus of Reggio Emilia is planned to be established there. The University of Modena and Reggio Emilia will activate three undergraduate courses – Psychological Sciences and Techniques, Digital Education, Analysis and Management of Data for Businesses – and a master’s degree course in Digital Automation Engineering.

Within Warehouse 15 B-C, the Incubator for accelerating the development of businesses and startups will be completed. It is managed in collaboration between Stu Reggiane spa and the Rei-Reggio Emilia Innovation Foundation.

Finally, the redevelopment of the Cathedral building, connected to Warehouse 17 (as a subsequent phase), will be implemented using funds from the National Recovery and Resilience Plan (Pnrr), thus completing the redevelopment of the southwest quadrant of the Reggiane Area.


COMPLETED WORKS – Stu Reggiane spa, controlled by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and participated in by Iren Smart Solutions spa, is the entity responsible for planning and implementing the Reggiane Innovation Park through the redevelopment, recovery, and urban regeneration of the former Reggiane Workshops area, based on the Reggiane/Santa Croce Urban Redevelopment Program (Pru). The total value of the investment is approximately 70 million euros.

As of today, the following have been completed:

  • The initial redevelopment interventions of Shed 19/Technopole and Shed  18.
  • The structural safety measures for Shed 15A.
  • Urbanization works and connections (cycle paths, railway underpasses, parking) in the historic Santa Croce District with the city, through the redevelopment of Piazzale Europa (first and second phases), the reopening of the historical stretch of Viale Ramazzini.
  • The reopening of the level crossing at Viale Ramazzini and the redevelopment of cycle-pedestrian paths and adjacent neighborhood streets.

In the Reggiane Area, the Urban Redevelopment Program aimed at recovering and enhancing existing industrial structures as valuable evidence of the historical context’s memory. Their redevelopment is designed to accommodate research centers, start-ups, and business spin-offs, as well as new productive entities from the provincial and wider areas, activities related to advanced tertiary, culture, professions, businesses, and services. The project is implemented according to criteria of environmental sustainability, flexibility, and energy efficiency, tailored to the needs of the different entities settling in.

Remediation works (removal and disposal) were carried out on the old asbestos-cement roofs of all buildings within the former Reggiane mechanical workshops.

PRESENTATION DAYS – From June 16 to 18, the presentation days of Warehouse 17 are taking place. Titled Memory and Innovation: Reggiane Innovation Park and the new Shed 17, they include a conference, free guided tours by reservation throughout the Innovation Park (starting from the Technopole lobby, Piazzale Europa 1, lasting about 45 minutes) to discover the transformation of the historic Officine meccaniche Reggiane into a contemporary hub for research and development, the future of businesses, and innovation. There will also be DJ sets with an evening light show.