Night of Research: Guided Tours at Reggiane Innovation Park

From Cathedral of Mechanics to European Hub for Research and Development: The Reggiane Story

Reggiane Innovation Park collaborates with the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia on the occasion of the European Researchers’ Night, an initiative promoted by the European Commission that annually builds a bridge between researchers and citizens. During this event, individuals can engage with scientific challenges in a fun and stimulating way. At the Technopole in Reggio Emilia, researchers from Unimore – University of Modena and Reggio Emilia – and Crpa – Animal Production Research Center – will showcase studies and activities they are carrying out in the field of applied research, with live experiments and demonstrations

In this context, on September 29, starting from 5:00 PM, guided tours through the history and innovation of Reggiane will take place! An itinerary to explore the Technopole, Warehouses 18 and 17, passing through the offices of resident companies, and discover how the buildings of the historic Reggiane Mechanical Workshops, once cathedrals of mechanics, have transformed into modern structures serving businesses and research.

This is an extraordinary initiative, specifically designed for the European Researchers’ Night, organized by the Research, Innovation, and Internationalization Office of the Municipality of Reggio Emilia at Reggiane Innovation Park, with the exceptional collaboration of Alfa Solutions Spa, Ask Industries Spa, E80 Group Spa, Webranking Srl, which will open their offices to the public!

The tour starts from the Technopole – once the foundry of the Reggiane Workshops, which, with its industrial research centers, represents the beating heart of open innovation within the Innovation Park. You will discover how the Park promotes collaboration between businesses, universities, and institutions to stimulate the growth and development of businesses and the region.

Shed 18, an ancient boiler factory, with its majestic industrial architecture, will immerse you in the atmosphere of the era when the Reggiane OMI mechanical industry was at its peak. You will admire the original architectural details and experience firsthand the impact these transformations have on local entrepreneurship.

For this special occasion, companies are also opening their doors to the public! We will take you inside the offices of some of the companies located in Warehouse 18 to understand who they are and what cutting-edge businesses that have decided to settle at Reggiane do.

The tour concludes in the brand-new Shed 17, another original example of how historic buildings have been renewed to host new functions, including catering! Here, you can stop by Pirru Café for an aperitif or dinner, enjoying the incredible backdrop of the Reggiane warehouses, or at the gazebo set up for the occasion on the lawn in front of Warehouse #18 with food, drinks, and DJ sets.