Reggiane Parco Innovazione’s Warehouse 18 Wins Prestigious In/Architecture Prize

The first significant accolades were received in early October when they were awarded the In/Architecture 2023 Prize in the Emilia-Romagna regional selection. Yesterday evening, during the Venice Biennale at Ca’ Giustinian, they took another decisive leap in quality, receiving the prestigious national In/Architecture 2023 Prize. The winners are Warehouse 18 of Reggiane Innovation Park in the Regeneration category and Rcf Arena Campovolo in the New Constructions category.


These projects were carried out as part of the project area of North Reggio Emilia, a city that has now achieved two national awards in the same edition of the In/Architecture competition. The jury recognized the value of the design concept combined with the quality of the final product and its strategic integration into the existing context.


The initiative, promoted by In/Arch – National Institute of Architecture, Ance, and Archilovers, with the patronage of Anci and Cnappc, aims to enhance the built work as the result of the participation of various entities, from the client to the designer, the executing company to component manufacturers. It promotes the value of the built work as the outcome of the participation of diverse entities, a testament to the current widespread awareness of the important role that architectural quality plays in the rebirth of our cities.


For Rcf Arena Campovolo, the design is by Iotti + Pavarani Architects, with Tassoni and Partners, Studio Lsa; the client is C.Volo Spa; public partners include Enac – National Civil Aviation Authority, Aeroporto di Reggio Emilia Spa, Comune di Reggio Emilia, Regione Emilia-Romagna. The construction company is Nial Nizzoli. Event Management: Arena Campovolo Srl.


For Warehouse 18 of Reggiane Innovation Park, the architect Andrea Oliva/Studio Cittaarchitettura designed it, and the client is Stu Reggiane Spa, participated by the Municipality of Reggio Emilia and Iren Smart Solution; the construction company is Allodi Spa.


“With the In/Architecture 2023 National Prize, Warehouse 18 and Rcf Arena Campovolo are included among the best projects carried out in our country, and Reggio Emilia can be proud of it,” commented Deputy Mayor for Urban Regeneration Alex Pratissoli. “Alongside creativity, professionalism, and active participation of all actors involved, to whom our applause goes, the effectiveness of the vision and strategic planning developed by the municipal administration for the urban quality of the North Area is recognized, benefiting the entire city.”


“The Reggio Emilia community has fully embraced the new life of these spaces, conceived and realized by combining historical memory, symbolic value, and respect for environmental elements with sustainability and innovation in meanings and functions, integrating them coherently into the urban and social history of Reggio Emilia. The In/Architecture Prize enhances these contents, indicated by the municipal administration, emphasizing, of paramount importance, the adherence of all actors to the overall design goals.


“The North Area project area,” Pratissoli concludes, “from Calatrava’s architectural gesture in the Bridges and Av Mediopadana Station to the Santa Croce neighborhood, adjacent to the historic center, with Reggiane Innovation Park and Rcf Arena, represents a new city, connected in its parts and with the existing city, to generate a fully integrated city.”


The Meaning of the In/Architecture Awards


Aldo Colonetti, philosopher, historian, and theorist of architecture, and professor at the Politecnico di Milano, said: “The In/Architecture National Awards are a unique experience, not only at the national level but conceived by an intellectual, visionary, and practical figure like Bruno Zevi. He considered architecture not only as a discipline but as a comprehensive design activity capable of transforming and improving society.


“An enlightened vision, even more relevant today because it is totally contrary to a widespread instrumental attitude: a kind of design specialization in the service of the ‘particular,’ while architecture belongs to a knowledge that underlies our life, individual and collective.”


From the In/Architecture website: “We promote the value of the built work.”


The goal of the In/Architecture Awards is to combine the value of the design idea with the quality of the final product, promoting the value of the built work as the result of the participation of various entities. It is a testament to the current widespread awareness of the important role that architectural quality plays in the process of revitalizing our cities. Hence the choice to award the work and the three main protagonists at the base of its realization: the client, designer, and constructor.